Do you want to sell your business?

Do you want to sell your business?

The context

Half of Belgian business owners are over 50 years old. The traditional father-son pattern is often called into question: only 1/3 of businesses are passed on within the family. And some companies disappear because of a lack of succession.

The stakes are therefore high.

Faced with this complex and profoundly human problem, the company director is sometimes helpless. It is advisable to seek help.

FB Transmission assists you

Are you planning to sell your company?

At FB Transmission, we accompany you throughout the transfer process. In order to demystify the jargon used and to see more clearly the main legal and fiscal aspects, FB Transmission has set up a series of 7 video capsules illustrating the main phases of the process.

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Done deals

  • Done Deals


Augustin Marichal, based in La Louvière, specialises in the design, production and distribution of artificial flowers and plants.  Founded in 1927, this company has distinguished itself...
  • Done Deals


Avadis is a company specialised in the design of videoconferencing solutions, technical room furnishings and the installation of interactive screens for companies and training centres.  This...
  • Done Deals


Family Business Transmission accompanied the firm Cover Group in the year 2022.  This company develops and sells software for modelling aluminium windows, verandas and pergolas to...
  • Done Deals


Our firm accompanied the Crédit Populaire Européen during the year 2021.  This company is one of the Belgian leaders active in retail credit, mortgage credit and...
  • Done Deals


In early 2022, our firm assisted Dumont Instruments.  This company is active in the production and distribution of rotary precision tools for the dental industry and...
  • Done Deals


In August 2022, FB Transmission helped the company Ets Delbecq & Fils.  This company, based in the Ath region, has specialised in trading agricultural products for...
  • Done Deals


In March 2022, Family Business Transmission accompanied  Help Security.  This company, active in electronic security, has established itself as a leader in this field in Wallonia. ...
  • Done Deals


Our firm has accompanied the company VOX TENEO for the year 2022. This company, leader in digital solutions, was created in 2002 by 3 partners still...

Chèques Entreprises - Transmission

FB Transmission est un prestataire labellisé en Wallonie par les Chèques Entreprises. Le Chèque Transmission permet au cédant de se faire accompagner par notre cabinet lors du processus de cession de son entreprise, et ce, à hauteur de 75%.

L’accompagnement par notre cabinet lors de la cession consiste à :

  • Conseiller le cédant sur le meilleur scénario de cession
  • Élaborer un mémorandum d’information
  • Rechercher et identifier de potentiels acquéreurs en toute discrétion et confidentialité
  • Organiser les contacts avec les acquéreurs
  • Assister le cédant dans tout le processus de négociation, audit, rédaction des documents contractuels…

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