Valuation & Diagnosis

Valuation & Diagnosis

“Every company owner should know the value of his company!”

Unfortunately, this question is too often neglected. Yet a solid valuation is the starting point for any sale or acquisition project.

There are many misunderstandings about valuation methods. An overly theoretical approach or a flattering estimate that is not based on solid foundations can slow down or even ruin the transfer project.

At FB Transmission, we carry out valuations based on several methods that we cross-reference and apply with care.

Do you know how much your company is worth?

How do you think you can justify the asking price?

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To carry out your valuation

Chèques Entreprises - Transmission

Chèques Entreprises - Transmission

FB Transmission is a certified service provider for Business Cheques, enabling Walloon SMEs to obtain an intervention of up to 75% for the realisation of diagnostics and other services.


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