Conflict management

Conflict management

Are you experiencing a conflict related to your business? Are you experiencing difficulties with family shareholders, partners, customers or suppliers?

Mediation can solve these problems quickly, cheaply and efficiently. FB Mediation, our partner in conflict management & mediation, offers a pragmatic and efficient approach, leading to “win-win” solutions.

Specialising in all issues affecting businesses, and more particularly SMEs, we understand the issues at stake and the possible blockages.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process of conflict resolution. The parties rely on an independent, impartial and neutral third party: the mediator. Our role is to facilitate a process leading to a lasting solution between the parties, by helping them to work out solutions themselves.

The mediator may or may not be accredited, but only accredited mediators are subject to the professional ethics laid down by law. If they are accredited, they can intervene in a judicial context and have the agreement certified. They can also intervene outside the judicial framework, designated by mutual agreement by the parties.

FB Mediation, your certified partner

FB Mediation, your certified partner

FB Mediation is probably the first Belgian firm that focuses on family businesses. FB Mediation was co-founded by FB Transmission, one of the leading M&A firms in Belgium, specialised in the valuation, support and transfer of family-owned SMEs.

Our credo is based on a few strong convictions:

  • We bring our experience in the field of family businesses and in the management of crisis situations.
  • We understand what is at stake and the possible blockages.
  • Energy spent on conflict is unproductive. This energy deserves to be devoted as quickly as possible to the development of the business, in the common interest.
  • Mediation is largely about working on and restoring interpersonal relationships.
  • We intervene both preventively and curatively.

The mediators of FB Mediation propose a pragmatic and efficient approach, favouring listening and dialogue, as opposed to legal proceedings. FB Mediation’s mediators understand the reality of companies.

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